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"Being someone who has dedicated their life to serving the light and helping awaken humanity through various modalities, I traveled the world learning and training from some of the best shamans, healers, and masters across the globe; from India to Thailand, to right here in New England. I myself am an author and a Reiki Master, and I have to say I/WE are blessed to have one of the best Reiki Masters I have ever came across, right here in Rhode Island. Christine, is multifaceted, muti-talented, genuine, loving, humble, and an extraordinarily gifted woman. When seeking this type of healing work people need to be careful who they allow to work on them, our energy is sacred and we need to be sure we completly trust who we allow in our sacred space. I not only trust Christine with my energy, I would trust her with my life. Because I know she works for a higher power that’s greater than both of us in order to give me the results she does in our sessions. SO I just want to say THANK YOU Christine for your service! I am honored and privileged to be given the opportunity to work with you."

Kurtis Lee Thomas
Author of THE WORLD IS (y)OURS

Seth Barlick photo.jpeg

I reached out to Christine after losing my beloved dog, Gabriel. I was so nervous about his afterlife experience and wanted to make sure my beloved dog was happy and not alone. During our session, I gave Christine as little as possible to work off of and she made all the connections! "Pup" was a pet name referred to Gabriel only within our family. She also made connections with my late Grandmother who raised me and her accuracy was mind-blowing! Gabriel thoroughly enjoyed rolling in the green grass and enjoyed playing with a yellow Frisbee as an activity. He would never miss a chance to take a minute and smell the flowers and I recollect he would sneeze after doing so. He always had a "smile" on his face and I would refer to him as "my happy boy". In July, 2022, at 10 years old, he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and had great trouble breathing. One day, God brought him home and I held his paw instinctively searching for his pulse that was not present.

In our session, I learned that he found my grandmother who passed away from a massive coronary heart attack in 2008.  Christine "knew" so many details. My grandmother was the closest person to me before Gabriel. They found each other and I couldn't be more at peace knowing that. Christine got emotional during our session and there is no way she could have known all this. An absolutely amazing gift that she possesses! Five stars all around!

Seth Barlick

My first experience was to receive Reiki from Christine in November of 2017. I really had no idea as of what to expect. During my session, I felt very relaxed and comfortable; it was a peaceful feeling. Christine was very intuitive and had many messages from my guides. This was both emotional and very enlightening. In December, I attended a Reiki I class and this was a truly magical experience. Christine is a very gifted teacher and healer. She builds confidence in her students by sharing her stories and experiences. I feel blessed to be on this journey with Christine. I look forward to studying Reiki II with her in the future.  


Jeanne Waxgiser

I've been to see Christine several times since the universe first introduced us and she never ceases to amaze me. It had been awhile since our last session and by last Sunday I was definitely in need of some spiritual healing. Through the gifts of reiki and being able to connect with the spirit of my mom, I left that meeting with a renewed sense of clarity and appreciation for the best things in life. My head was so full of doubt and my heart was heavy when I walked into her house that day but by the time I left the smile on my face had become a fixture once again. In Christine I found not only a healer and a conduit to another realm, but I found a friend.....a really good friend. 


Barbara Erickson

I had the opportunity to have a reiki session and angel card reading with Christine this afternoon. The session was amazing! I walked out of there astounded at how much Christine knew about me , and was able to share with me about people in both my past and present . Everything was so real and on target.... all in a very good way. I was stunned how she could " read" so much about me. It truly was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend going to Christine for a session to everyone who is thinking about it!


Karen J. Scothon

Mary Walsh photo 2.jpg

I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and knew I had to assemble my own DREAM TEAM in order to heal. I went online and researched dozens of Reiki Masters, but the "Unicorn" in me connected immediately to the Rhythm of Life Testimonials Page. I knew instantly that Christine Johnston was someone I wanted in my life. I can only explain my Reiki experience as nothing but magical. Immediately when you arrive, you are greeted with love and kindness to the extent that you feel it as an energy field. Being in her presence put my body right back into balance. Christine channels her spirit guides before and during each session. She is guided by her intuition and it always feels completely in tune with what I need. On one occasion, the location of my cancer tumor wound up with a 6 inch black-and-blue hovering over the tumor. I could feel and physically see the result which felt incredibly powerful and healing! Another day I came in feeling overwhelming sadness. An hour later, I felt a complete release of the sorrow energy and was restored with strength, power and peacefulness. I always come out feeling my best self! Now I am reconnecting, rebuilding and restoring the beauty of the person I was intended to be! So yes, there are miracles in Western Medicine, but my humanity is lifted by the Eastern practices and Christine's Energy Work!

Mary E. Walsh

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